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The approved fuels for Lanterns are:  

1Lamplight Farms® Clear Medallion Lamp Oil,
W.M. Barr & Co. Klean-Heat
® Kerosene Substitute
3.  Crown
® Brand Clear Lamp Oil
4.  Genuine Aladdin
® Lamp Oil
5.  MVP Group International Florasense
Lamp Oil 

The approved fuels for outdoor use are:

1.  Non-Dyed (Clear) Kerosene
2.  Sunnyside
® Brand 1-K Kerosene
3.  Coleman
® Brand Kerosene Fuel
.  Crown® 1-K Fuel Grade Kerosene
Crown® Citronella Torch and Lamp Fuel

6.  Tiki
® Brand Citronella Torch Fuel

(Use Klean-Heat, Standard Clear Lamp Oil, or Genuine Aladdin Lamp Oil for odor free use indoors.)

See FAQ for tips and warnings

Dietz #2000 Millennium Cooker

Dietz #2000 Millennium Cooker
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If you are looking for a gift for the man that 'doesn't want anything' or just looking for a unique gift idea. I have the solution!

#2000 Millennium Cooker
Cook dinner anywhere, anytime with the Dietz #2000 Millennium Cooker. This lantern similar to a windproof and durable Dietz #30 Little Wizard lantern but remove the top and replace it with the special grill included and use this lantern as a small cook stove. Use the included aluminum plate or 12 oz cup to heat water, soup or a small meal.

The #2000 Millenium Cooker also includes snap-on bracket and hold-down pegs to prevent tip over when in use.

This is great for emergency preparedness kits!

•12" Height, 6" Base Diameter
•Plate and cup: 4 1/2" OD
•Average 9 Candle Power, 5/8" Wick
•17 oz. Fount Capacity, 23 Hour Burning Time
•Apprx. Thermal Output: 1100 BTU per Hour

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