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W.T. Kirkman Premium Grade Lanterns are durable & highly functional

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The approved fuels for Lanterns are:  

1Lamplight Farms® Clear Medallion Lamp Oil,
W.M. Barr & Co. Klean-Heat
® Kerosene Substitute
3.  Crown
® Brand Clear Lamp Oil
4.  Genuine Aladdin
® Lamp Oil
5.  MVP Group International Florasense
Lamp Oil 

The approved fuels for outdoor use are:

1.  Non-Dyed (Clear) Kerosene
2.  Sunnyside
® Brand 1-K Kerosene
3.  Coleman
® Brand Kerosene Fuel
.  Crown® 1-K Fuel Grade Kerosene
Crown® Citronella Torch and Lamp Fuel

6.  Tiki
® Brand Citronella Torch Fuel

(Use Klean-Heat, Standard Clear Lamp Oil, or Genuine Aladdin Lamp Oil for odor free use indoors.)

See FAQ for tips and warnings

W.T. Kirkman "Premium Grade" Lanterns

In 1984 W.T. Kirkman became the only tubular oil lantern manufacturer in the United States. Since that time they have become the “Premier” tubular lantern manufacturer and distributor in North America.

W.T. Kirkman is known for their customer service. When they find something a customer wants they go above and beyond to provide it.

These Premier Lanterns are made from the finest Bright Galvanized Steel ensuring durability and rust resistant even in the most humid conditions.

You will not find a better knowledge base of lanterns and their history then W.T. Kirkman.

W.T. Kirkman Premier Lanterns are durable, highly functional and historically accurate.

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